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Advantage Play Techniques - How to Beat the Casino

Although casinos house edge presupposes that the gambling establishment will always receive profits in the long run, no matter how much the players may win, the history has already seen a great deal of attempts to change the situation and find out some possibilities to let the gamer more, as frequently, as they wish to.
In particular, in addition to the developed gambling guidelines, versatile tips, and casino systems, which are supposed to help beat the casino, there have also been invented the so-called advantage play techniques, which, as it’s believed, will swell one’s chances to win to a considerable extent.
Certainly, the majority of advantage play techniques can’t fully guarantee incredible winnings, but they can, actually, increase the players’ profits. The most peculiar of them are recognized to comprise the following ones:

  • Card Counting

Being the most beneficial advantage play techniques, blackjack card counting requires the player’s acute observation skills and full concentration on the gaming process.
Some casinos watch over card counters, being confident of the fact, that this technique is nothing, but a way to cheat.

mixing cards Shuffle tracking can bring big profits If used correctly.
  • Shuffle Tracking

Unfortunately, this advantage play technique may be used in live casinos only, when the player can track particular cards during the shuffling process.
Shuffle tracking as well as card counting is mainly applied by experienced blackjack players, who have already received enough gaming practice.

betfair Betfair is one of the most popular Betting Exchange service providers.
  • Betting Exchange

Being rather advantageous for “traders”, involved in sport betting, this technique presupposes betting without a possible instant profit, whereas much bigger odds are provided in the long run.
One essential advantage of using betting exchange technique if that there exists no commission, as for internet winnings.

  • Arbitrage Bets

Arbitrage bets are often considered one of the useful sport betting tips and is known to presuppose making different bets on all possible outcomes of the game, whereas the largest one should be made on the most probable one.

playing men
  • Angle Shooting

Angle shooting is often used in online poker and usually involves abuse of the gambling sites’ DP (disconnect protection) rules, according to which the player, who is suddenly disconnected from the site, continues playing, and calls all-in automatically, without betting any money.

7 on dices
  • Dice Control

Being one of the advantage play techniques, applied in the game of craps, dice control still raises doubts among the experts. The essence of the technique is to toss dice in a particular way to affect the game’s result.

Of course, the above-described advantage play techniques aren’t the only ones, as the diversity of possible ways of beating the casino is truly immeasurable, including the popular Comp Hustling and Casino Bonuses Search, for instance. Anyway, all of them may be tried by every gambler, even for fun, if he/she is inquisitive enough and is willing to learn.

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