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Casino Cheating - To Try or Not To Try?

Whereas most popular gambling guidelines, recommendations and tips are considered absolutely legal, some of the applied ways to beat the casino are banned within both land-based and online gambling establishments, as they frequently presuppose breaking the game's rules with an aim to increase one's winnings.
In this respect, it's not about versatile advantage play techniques, which on the one hand, may also seem to be against the established gambling laws and rules, but rather about the casino cheating options, which can not only help the players save their money, but also swell their funds, whenever they need to.
In this respect, every casino cheating technique is really time-consuming to master, even if one is quite an experienced gambler, moreover it usually requires the highest levels of observation skills from everyone, who is willing to grasp all essential peculiarities of any system, according to which he/she is going to play. Nevertheless, as long as one is ready to try, nothing is, actually, impossible.
Among the huge diversity of casino cheating options, the most famous ones are recognized to include the following:

roulette cheating
  • Roulette Cheating

Among the widely-spread roulette cheating techniques past posting (the dealer should add more chips to the winning bet) and top hatting (chips should be moved on to the winning numbers) remain at the top rating-positions, though each of them require the players' either perfect coordination, or at least their close friendship with a dealer.
Moreover, the wheel flaws may be also used in order to win, as soon as the player notices that it doesn't work properly. Such biased wheels have become a key to success in the story about the most prominent roulette cheater Charles Wells.

slots cheating
  • Slots Cheating

Generally speaking, slots cheating techniques are connected with rather taking the coin counter under control (The Paw of a Monkey) or manipulating the coins themselves, like in the Shaved Coins method, when the coins on a string can be taken away from the machine to insert them again.

card games cheating
  • Card Games Cheating

The wide array of choice of options, concerning casino cheating in Card games is truly incredible, although most of them can be used in land-based gambling houses only. Notably, the most frequently used ones are known to comprise card marking, second dealing (other, than the top cards are dealt) and card switching, the latter being considered the most complicated technique, when the gambler secretly switches the dealt cards with the ones in his/her sleeve, for instance.

Although sports' betting isn't considered a casino game at all, most gamblers are also fond of it as well.

sports betting
  • Sports Betting

Doping either the sportsmen, or the horses, can hardly be found among the set of sport betting tips, though this method is often used by cheaters, who wish to influence the game's or the race's outcome.

In a nutshell, gambling cheating techniques are, certainly, tempting to try, though it's always essential to remember that neither of them is legal, so one should definitely think twice before applying them.

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