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Angle Shooting - A Set of Winning Tricks

Despite the fact, that all gamblers are different in their tastes and preferences, there might be distinguished one common thing, related to them; this is a wish to win. Therefore, it seems quite obvious, that as soon as any player has already grasped the peculiarities, regarding the game’s rules and guidelines, he/she inevitably starts searching for additional ways to win and earn more.
In this respect, the majority poker players aren’t an exception of the rule, and whereas some skilled blackjack fans try to master all ins and outs of shuffle tracking, for instance, they practice angle shooting, which, actually, appears to be more, than just an advantageous technique, but also a way to entertain oneself during the game.
The essence of angle shooting is to find the side ways to somehow cheat the casino, but without breaking the game’s rules. In terms of poker, this advantage play technique may be generally applied in live casinos in the following ways:

  • Ambiguous Actions

The ambiguous action technique may comprise one’s acting, as if he/she is going to fold, or check, with intent to make the opponents fold or check, rather than raise, without actually saying “check”, or “fold”.

  • Incomplete Call

In the vast majority of poker games, the bet isn’t taken as a complete one, if the sufficient number of chips to call is put on the table. If a gambler wants to practice angle shooting, he/she might simply put less chips, than it’s required. If the opponent wins, the only thing left is to say, that the bet was incomplete, so, the money won’t be lost.

  • Fake Hands

This option is often forbidden in casinos, so one should be careful in applying it. The essence of Fake Hand technique is to claim that you have a terrific hand out of your turn, when the last card is opened, no matter what hand you have, actually, received, and hope that the opponents will be so disappointed that they’ll muck their own hands.

As for online casinos, the range of angle shooting techniques is not as wide, but the gamblers can still beat the casino in a couple of ways, the most recognizable of which is Disconnection from the gambling site in the middle of the game. The thing is that a great deal of reputable sites allow the player to finish the game, even if he/she is disconnected, and the bets in such cases are put automatically. So, even if one doesn’t win in the game, his/her money won’t be lost.
All things considered, as long as a gambler is looking for something new to try, angle shooting is, perhaps, a truly wonderful opportunity to make the gaming process more thrilling, not to mention the possibilities to win more.

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