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Blackjack Card Counting - Profitable Mathematics

The gambling history and the history of blackjack as one of the players' favourites have already seen the appearance of numerous winning strategies, which are believed to make everyone, who dares to try them, a millionaire.
At the same time, the majority of tips and casino systems haven't proved their being reliable enough to bet one's money according to them all the time. Being often working in short-term games, these tend to fail in the long run, when the player may happen to end up losing all winnings.
Still, among the diversity of popular advantage play techniques, applied by the gamblers, there might be differentiated the one, which is, actually beneficial and can increase one's profits greatly, as long as a person possesses excellent observation skills and is ready to practice it for quite a long time before going to a casino - this is blackjack card counting.
Blackjack card counting strategy works on the basis of the statement, that aces and 10s (the so-called high-value cards) are beneficial for players, while the smaller ones are rather advantageous for a dealer.
The essence of card counting lies in tracking how many high-value cards are left in the deck, if compared to the amount of low-value cards.
Notably, if the pack of cards is noticed to comprise a large number of aces and 10s, the possibility of getting blackjack by the player swells, so one's bet may be raised to a certain extent.
The basic guidelines of how to apply blackjack card counting strategy are represented by a number of systems, according to which each card has a correlated number, which should be either added to the total sum, or subtracted from it, whereas the bets should be made accordingly.
The most famous blackjack card counting systems are the following ones:

  • Wizard Ace/Five Counting

Aces correlate to -1, 5s - to +1, other cards are worth 0.

The player is supposed to make a 1-unit bet each time the total sum is 0, or a negative number, and when its represented with a positive number, one should make a bet, which is twice as large as the total sum.

  • Hi-Lo Counting

10s, Js, Qs, Ks and Aces are worth -1, 2s - 6s correlate to -1, 7s - 9s are worth 0.

Likewise as in Wizard Ace/Five Counting, when the total sum is a negative number or equals 0, the player should bet 1 unit only, whereas if the total number is positive, the bet may be enlarged, as the possibility to win grows.
There are also distinguished the so-called multi-level systems (Wong Halves and Zen Count, for instance), which presuppose that different cards will have various number correlations, from -2, to +2, and even +5. Such blackjack card counting systems turn out even more beneficial, as the vision, of how high the player's chances to win are, grows clearer.
All things considered, although blackjack card counting is unbelievably exciting, and, what is more, profitable to apply, especially if one is an experienced gambler, it's essential to mind that this technique is frequently banned in some casinos, whose owners think that it's just one of the types of casino cheating, so carefulness is important.

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