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Shuffle Tracking - Fun and Useful

Undoubtedly, the number of techniques, applied by skilled gamblers, who wish to increase their chances to win, is really incredible, although not all of them may turn out beneficial. Besides, if one isn’t a true profy, he/she might easily get confused of what exact moves are required, and in such a way he/she will neither win money, nor receive any pleasure from the gaming process.
At the same time, as nothing is impossible for inquisitive people, who are ready to learn and practice as much as it’s needed, a gambler can, actually, master virtually any advantage play technique, which may help him/her decrease the house edge to a considerable extent.
Among the most popular strategies, used by skilled casino players blackjack card counting and shuffle tracking might definitely be mentioned, the latter being, in fact, based on the former.
Shuffle tracking, in particular, isn’t as complicated as it seems at first glance, so if one is willing to win, the only necessary things are to practice his/her observation skills, study all theoretical material and, of course, try the technique on practice.
The essence of shuffle tracking lies in the suggestion that the cards in decks are never shuffled absolutely randomly, so some patterns or sequences of cards may be predicted in advance.
Taking into consideration the fact, as in card counting technique the low-value cards correlate to +1, while the 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and Aces are worth -1, the player can count the so-called “running count”, and make the bets, according to it.
The simplest and the most widely-used shuffle tracking method is called the end-of-shoe (round) count, generally applied in casinos, where the “zone shuffle” (the decks are divided into piles, shuffling is conducted between the piles) method is used by dealers. It happens to be suitable for every gambler, even if one hasn’t yet got enough experience. The essence of this method may be described by means of the following example:
If the final shoe running count is -10, whereas the player knows that the running count of the unplayed cards is +10, then it’s necessary to cut cards right in the middle, so that not only the low-value cards, which are in the upper part of the deck, will be played, but the high-value cards as well.
Of course, more detailed shuffle tracking can provide the player with more exact information of where he/she should cut the cards, although one should be very attentive to figure out the sequence, in which the card decks are shuffled by the dealer.
All things considered, shuffle tracking is, obviously, unbelievably exciting to try, especially if one has become knackered of playing blackjack according to the basic strategy. The only essential disadvantage of this technique, in this respect, is that it can’t be applied within online casinos, so if one is willing to practice it, he/she should, probably, visit a live gambling establishment.

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