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The Craps Team

The Craps table is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment in a casino like Unibet online casino. It is a monster of a table and, as you can imagine, the place can get a little busy when the Shooter is on form.

To make sure the game moves with as much flow as is possible, the casino ensures there are enough people on hand to organise and direct the flow of the game. These are the casino employees and when managing the Craps table they fit into one of the following roles.

The Craps Team

Stick Person

This is the dealer who controls the dice. The name ‘Stick Person’ is used because they control the dice by the use of a long thin stick designed to retrieve the two cubes without affecting the action on the felt. The Stick Man not only retrieves the dice but also manages the bets for the long shots in the centre of the table.

Base Dealer

This is the name of the dealer who stands on the inside of the game. They are responsible for the all of the most common bets. They help place bets, calculate the winner and losers and return winning sums to those more fortunate than others.

Box Person

This dealer sits in the middle of the table and is responsible for the overall pace of the game. They are also supervising the base dealer and stick person whilst keeping an eye on the table as a whole.

Floor Person

Finally, there is the use of a Floor Person. This position has the macro view of the table and will find a position to watch everything that the other three cannot see. The Floor Person may also have other duties if there are other table games within the vicinity of the Craps table.

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