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MIT Blackjack Team - An Incredible Story of Success

As far as the game of blackjack is considered, both individual players and versatile teams have tried to win large sums of money in the casinos, though the latter have succeeded in it more. In this respect, the most successful gamblers within the whole blackjack history may, perhaps, be named the members of MIT Blackjack Team, who have, in fact, managed to take advantage over gambling establishments not taking into account the gambling legality.

How it All Began

MIT Blackjack Team

The story of MIT Blackjack Team is dating back to the 20th century and is known to be mainly connected with the former students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University and Harvard Business School, like Bill Kaplan, for example, who once decided to try playing in casinos, by means of implementing mathematical and statistical approach.
Having started practicing using classic blackjack card counting strategy, MIT Blackjack Team members have soon realized that it should be modified to a certain extent and went on, applying its more complicated High-Low system. Moreover, they have also applied numerous techniques of cutting cards, aimed at tracking the ones, which should be distributed next.
Notably, as playing in casinos required sufficient sums of cash to be put on stake, the members of MIT Blackjack Team used various ways to transport both the bet and the won money from one city to another, such as strapping it to bodies, for instance.

Why Have They Won?

The key to success of MIT Blackjack Team is, probably, affected by two major factors, the one being the excellent observation skills and self-discipline of its members, skilled gambling cheaters, who treated casino cheating for money as a kind of serious job, whereas the second essential reason has turned out to be the fact that the gamblers' talent was completely underestimated by casino operators, who couldn't even imagine that they would win so much.

Try it, if you are Ready

All things considered, the story of MIT Blackjack Team may serve as a great example for gamblers, who are thinking of trying to cheat in casinos, but aren't self-confident enough. Notably, the possible advice is to risk only in case, if one has already acquired the highest levels of self-control and self-discipline, profound knowledge of all techniques, which he/she wishes to use and, of course, tons of practice.

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