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Gambling Cheaters - People Who Succeeded

Although cheating at either a traditional, or the highly-modified online casino is an unbelievably exciting and potentially profitable activity, the vast majority of gambling cheaters, especially if they're not fully prepared in advance, are usually caught by the security and even sent to prison. That's mainly so, because the more developed the betting establishments become, the more efforts they are ready to put into the elimination of cases of fraudulence.
Nevertheless, the gambling history has seen the cases, when people have really succeeded in casino cheating, much due to their own knowledge, acquired skills and, apparently, their being incredibly lucky as well. In particular, as blackjack and roulette has been for long the top players' choices, the most popular gambling cheaters are recognized to concentrate their attention on these games' variations, in particular.
Generally speaking, the names of gambling cheaters, who are known to have the greatest accomplishments, in comparison to other gamers, include the following:

  • MIT Blackjack Team

The members of MIT Blackjack Team, founded back in 1979 by ex-students, have, obviously, reached incredible heights as the gambling cheaters.

In addition to versatile cheating techniques they used to apply the famous blackjack card counting method in its modified high-low version in the game as well.

Gambling Cheaters
  • Charles Wells

The roulette history has known a lot of skilled players, who have managed to win much money, but their fame can't even be compared to the one of Charles Wells, who has become a true embodiment of a cheater.

He used to be absolutely obsessed with gambling and was ready to risk everything in order to win, though his gaming strategy didn't, actually, involve anything, but well-known Martingale system of betting. It was also based on the assumption that every casino possessed at least one biased wheel within it, so the player was in constant search for such wheels.

  • Richard Marcus

Having initially begun his career as an average gambler, Richard Marcus soon realized that large sums of money could hardly be won, if none of the special cheating techniques were used.

The gambler is now famous for his successful usage of postposting strategy, which presupposed replacement of chips, having different values.

All things considered, one should definitely mind the fact, that even if he/she becomes one of the gambling cheaters, it doesn't mean that he/she will become a real millionaire at that very moment. Besides, taking into consideration the fact, that that cheating is illegal, it's better to think twice, before trying to beat the Online slots in such a way.

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